Are you guys affiliated with the NFL?
No, definitely not. Ninth Circle Solutions, makers of GameGuy, are not affiliated with the NFL or any other sporting league. GameGuy is not "official" like jerseys, shoes, and inflatable bouncy castles.

We are simply football fans who also don't like commercials.
I have NFL Sunday Ticket® or RedZone®. Is GameGuy still useful?
Even more, yes! When the big game you're watching goes on break, you can get the most out of those other channels you're paying good money for.

Check in on that team you hate to make sure they're losing or make sure your star fantasy QB is rolling. Then get back to the important home game when you get the ping.

When you're not focused on one game, then GameGuy is not so handy. Might as well just start cleaning up the house if you're not paying attention, eh?

* NFL Sunday Ticket and RedZone are registered trademarks of DIRECTV and the National Football League, respectively.
What happens at halftime, do I get notified on every break?
No, not until the game is about to come back on. GameGuy is all about football: if you want to watch the dudes talk at halftime (and there's often a good reason), have at it.

But GameGuy won't ping you until the actual game is back. So if you switch games or leave at halftime, you're good to go - GameGuy has your back.

How much does GameGuy cost?
GameGuy has a free demo mode that you can use to try it out: it works in the first quarter of every game. No registration or anything is required, just download it from Google Play or the App Store and give it a spin!

If you like it, you can unlock the full version for $4.99. This gives you full access to all games through the NFL 2013-2014 season.

That's barely as much as a pint of craft beer at a good pub for hours and hours of effortless football surfing!
What if I have multiple devices?
Once you unlock GameGuy on your Play/iTunes account, it will also be unlocked on all other devices that use the same account. You might have to tap the "Unlock" button on the other device, but you will not be charged again.
Does it require an Internet connection?
GameGuy does require an Internet connection to know when breaks are done.

It uses hardly any bandwidth, so pretty much any kind of connection will work: cellular, wi-fi, smoke signals, etc.
What is full-screen mode used for?
Full-screen mode causes your device's display to light up red and slowly fade out when your game is back on.

This is perfect for tablets: set the tablet near your television somewhere visible and leave it there during the game! Anyone can then see the red fade and switch the game back.

Full-screen mode does eat up battery faster, since it keeps your device unlocked. Consider connecting your charger for full-screen mode.
Does GameGuy work with sports other than NFL football?
Not yet. We are definitely interested in adding more sports to GameGuy in the future if there's enough demand, though. Watch the last 2 minutes of a close basketball game and you'll be wanting GameGuy for NBA faster than you can say "time out".

Let us know what you want! You can hit us up on Facebook and Google+.
Can I advertise through GameGuy?
Seriously? No.
Why is GameGuy sometimes late when it's not in the foreground?
When you switch apps or lock your iPhone/iPad, GameGuy has to use a different method to notify your device. Since iOS background restrictions keep GameGuy from staying connected to our server, it uses the Apple Push Notification service.

According to Apple, APN's are not guaranteed to be delivered and can take awhile to get to the device. In our informal testing, we have found that APN's are actually very fast and are not dropped. However, your results may vary.

If you're seeing slowness, then definitely leave GameGuy in the foreground, optionally in full-screen mode. This ensures a direct connection to our servers for fastest delivery of notifications.
Does GameGuy work in the background?
Yep! GameGuy will lurk in the background on your Android device and keep you updated while you do other things or lock your phone/tablet.

Note that if you're on a call and your game comes back on, Android will not play GameGuy's sound. But, it will still vibrate.