How to make nicknames for poker

Nick (nickname) is the username by which he is known to opponents at the poker tables. The nickname is displayed near the participant’s hand during the session, as well as in the lobby of the online room.

While a player’s name does not directly affect performance, poker nicknames should be chosen wisely.

From this article you can find out why nicknames are needed, how to make a pseudonym and which ones are better not to use.

Why do you need nicknames in poker

Poker nicknames are necessary to identify users of the room. Without them, the game would be completely anonymous.

Some regulars form the first impression of opponents by nickname. For example, a pretentious name at micro-limits like PokerShark99 or OnlyCall often shows a beginner level of a poker player, against whom you can play aggressively.

On the contrary, a common or interesting nickname gives the impression of a serious opponent. Against such players, it is often not customary to play aggressively from the first hands.

How to make a nickname

When registering in the poker room, each user chooses a nickname. It will not be possible to change it in the future, so it is important to come up with a suitable name from the very beginning.

Here are some tips on how to make a poker nickname:

Don’t be too banal. Avoid the names of your favorite teams, cities, athletes and other famous personalities. This will not distinguish a player from millions of other poker players and will confirm the lack of imagination.

Forget about unnecessary pathos. Beginners should avoid “professional” nicknames that look ridiculous against the backdrop of a weak or average game. PokerPro, FishKiller, ChampionWSOP and other similar names are not the best option.

Use humor. A good sense of humor is valued in poker and earns the respect of your opponents. For foreigners, this will be a meaningless set of letters, but Russian-speaking players will appreciate such a creative.

Do not use first and last name. Nicknames with personal data of the player look boring. However, you can make various abbreviations that look interesting.

The last recommendation is to choose a username that will not be embarrassed to read aloud or show to friends.

Which alias is better not to use

There are several categories of poker aliases that are best avoided. These include offensive language against rivals, obscene phrases, as well as manifestations of racism, nationalism, etc.

In addition, politicized nicknames should be avoided, which can cause dissent from many opponents and lead to controversy.

Nicknames of legendary poker players

Some legendary poker players initially chose cool nicknames. However, others came up with banal names by which they became known in the future.

Aliases of a number of star players:

  • Phil Ivey – RaiseOnce.
  • Ilya Gorodetsky – ilushan.
  • Daniel Negreanu – KidPoker.
  • Viktor Bloom – Isildur1.
  • Tom Dwan – durrrr.
  • Fedor Holtz – CrownUpGuy.


It is worth considering a poker pseudonym when registering in an online room. It will accompany the user throughout all his successful and unsuccessful sessions. And if a poker player manages to become a star, the entire gaming community will know about this nickname.