Secrets of slot machines and online slots in online casinos

Almost every fan of gambling who regularly launches online slots at least once thought about learning the secrets and learning the winning schemes of playing slot machines. However, these simply do not exist, since almost all providers develop slot machines according to an identical principle.

Each online slot uses a random number generator and integrates unique payout ratios. Also, security mechanisms are built into the simulators that do not allow third parties to hack servers and influence the result. Every modern provider uses several protective measures, but there are gamblers who “develop” methods and strategies to win.

Secrets of Online Slots: Myth or Reality

There are no secrets on how to beat slot machines online. The mechanics of each online model is built in such a way that any secrets are simply not provided by the system. All existing “secrets of slot machines” are built on system failures and shortcomings of providers. These are called “Easter eggs” online.

Easter eggs are used by experienced gamblers as game tips. For example, the mechanics of some simulators allows you to track the dependence of the bet on the number of lines used. Players who have received such information bet a specific amount on a specific game line and receive winnings.

However, this game tactic does not always work. There is no guarantee that the gaming machine will produce the desired combinations once or twice, providing the desired return.

As mentioned above, all slots are powered by a random number generator. This is a mathematical algorithm with chaotic work, which cannot be predicted, predicted or influenced.

Therefore, it is safe to say that online slots do not have any secrets that help to receive guaranteed cash payments. The only thing that can affect the result of the gameplay is a well-chosen simulator.

Choosing an online slot to play for real money

More than a dozen online casinos operate on the territory of Ukraine, on the pages of which hundreds of slot machines are presented. Almost all available models offer the same winning conditions. However, the chances of getting this are far from identical everywhere.

In the range of casinos there are simulators, in which only a few manage to win. There are also slot machines on the sites, which, on the contrary, have a generous payout policy.

It is impossible at first glance to determine whether an online slot is giving or not. To determine a generous slot machine, you need to analyze the payout statistics.

High return percentage (RTP).

For each existing model of an online slot, the RTP level is prescribed as a percentage. Typically, the return of licensed slot machines varies between 90-98%. However, in some devices this figure can be much higher. The higher the RTP level is embedded in the video slot, the higher the chance of hitting a big jackpot by playing it for hryvnia.

High dispersion (volatility).

In online slots with high volatility, winning combinations fall out less frequently than in slot machines with low variance. However, to play for money, it is recommended to choose them, since the winnings in such slots are always several times greater than the amount that the gambler bet to run the simulator. Therefore, playing for hryvnias in high variance online slots is preferable for getting a cash prize.

High payout ratio.

The standard rule of all machines is that the maximum win exceeds the size of the initial bet per spin by several hundred or thousand times. When viewing the payout tables of some slot machines, you can see that instead of the maximum win multiplier, they immediately indicate the amount that the gambler can receive in the event of a successful session. The maximum winning amount may change along with the bet size.

The calculation of the amount and the winning coefficient is carried out according to a single principle: the selected bet per line is multiplied by the coefficient provided for a certain combination. From this we can conclude that the more the player bets to scroll, the more he can win.

The presence of special characters.

Special symbols are one of the ways to significantly increase the chance of winning in an online slot. Wild help form winning combinations by completing a row with several identical symbols

Scatters bring payouts regardless of their position on the playing field and activate the free spins round. Bonus symbols open access to mini-games where you can win a larger amount with a high bet multiplier.

Is it possible to increase the chance of winning with mathematical chips?

Mathematical algorithms and miscalculations were previously successfully used by mathematicians and brought such players significant winnings in the casino. However, those times are long gone. If earlier, when slot machines only appeared in online casinos, gamblers managed to calculate some pattern.

Today, online slots use a random number generator. This is an algorithm with absolutely chaotic operation. All numerical combinations are given in random order, and every second. It is simply impossible to somehow calculate, to predict which sequence will fall next.

Therefore, you should not count on the fact that knowledge of mathematics and programming will help. The best minds work in the provider teams, who read the mechanism of work and minimize machine errors. The best way to increase your own chances of winning is to choose a reliable casino and a licensed online slot that aims for a high return on players.